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Volunteers Needed. Please click here for more information.

Volunteer Information and Opportunities:

  • In-Home Volunteer Mentors

    The Parent Resource Center’s In-Home Mentoring Program continues to be “the heartbeat” of the Center. These dedicated community volunteers are recruited, screened and complete an 11-week training program. Volunteers serve in one or more of the following capacities:
    • In-home/hospital support for first time mothers during labor and delivery
      Pregnant young mothers are matched with specially trained and closely supervised volunteers. These volunteers act as advocates during pregnancy, labor coaches during delivery and provide daily intensive in-home emotional and educational support following the birth of the baby.

    • In-home mentors to high risk families, both teens and adults
      These volunteers work one-on-one with families to reinforce the information that is presented parenting classes, offer emotional support, act as role models and become a positive influence in their lives. Volunteers provide a minimum of 1-hour visits weekly in the home to work on positive parenting, to interact with the parent regarding issues to strengthen the family and additional topics surrounding:

      • Self-esteem building
      • Goal setting
      • Problem solving
      • Stress management
      • Non-violent discipline
      • Positive parenting
      • Developing a positive social support system
      • Accessing community resources

      Volunteer Mentor Class

      • Call the Parent Resource Center at 209-549-8193 if you are interested in learning more about our Volunteer Mentoring Training classes.  These classes are held twice a year.  Pre-register is required for these classes.
      • The next scheduled training to be announced.

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  • Co-facilitators for parenting classes

    These trained volunteers assist the staff facilitator/case manager in weekly parenting education classes. These community volunteers bring their knowledge, talents and caring into the classroom for 2 hours per week adding a strong component to the on-site parenting classes.

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Be a Volunteer!!!

Do you remember someone who has made a difference in your life, giving you guidance and direction? Was there someone who showed you they truly cared about you and helped you to succeed? That someone can be YOU!

If you are looking for a meaningful and rewarding volunteer experience call the Parent Resource Center at 549-8193. Training sessions for In-Home Volunteers and Co-Facilitators are held throughout the year so call the Center today!

Make a difference, show someone you care. BE A VOLUNTEER!!!

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Childcare Assistants:

    During the 2 hour parenting education classes, the Center offers on-site childcare. Often a barrier to families receiving services is the absence of reliable childcare. Providing this service allows the parents to attend class by removing this barrier, thus creating a positive environment for learning. Childcare is provided by a well-trained staff and includes a parent/child interaction session at the beginning of each class. Volunteer childcare assistants are necessary for the success of this program, which allows increased one-on-one interaction between the child and the assistant. Adults and teens who love to work with young children in a nurturing environment are encouraged to volunteer in childcare at the Parent Resource Center!

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  • Volunteer Your Gift of Time and Talents:

    The Center welcomes volunteers from the community who would like to utilize their various talents and skills. The on-site parenting classes welcome presentations/demonstrations for families from community members such as:

    • medical professionals
    • education
    • community agencies
    • financial institutions
    • employment training
    • career opportunities

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  • Advisory Committee:

    The Parent Resource Center Advisory Committee is a dedicated group of community volunteers who plan, organize and host fundraising activities and events for the Center. They are representatives of the Center and are a link with community businesses and corporations. Volunteers from the community are welcomed to join the Advisory Committee in two capacities:
    • Planning Committee – Requires attendance at monthly Advisory Committee meetings to plan fundraising events and serve on committees.
    • Event Committee – Available to help at fundraising events of their choice. These volunteers would be asked to either set up, staff or clean up at the Center’s fundraising events.