Services and Resources

Please note – for the safety and health of staff, families and the community, services are currently offered via virtual platforms and scheduled office appointments.

Parenting Education

Parent education classes are offered continuously and use the evidence based Bavolek Nurturing Parenting Program. Parents learn on a cognitive and emotional level to support better parenting.

One major goal of the program is to help parents and guardians increase positive self-esteem and self-worth, as nurturing comes easier to those who feel good about themselves.

Another goal is to provide parents the opportunity to change and learn how to substitute old behaviors and patterns with more positive, nurturing, and supporting behaviors.

The schedule of classes varies based on funding and the needs of the community.  Please visit at the calendar  <link>here</link> for the current schedule of classes offered.

Child Care

Child care is provided at no cost for parents while they attend classes.  During child care sessions children read books, play with toys, sing, and participate in activities that help them develop fine and gross motor skills. Staff encourage school readiness, help develop their cognitive abilities, and more.  And, of course, they get to have fun.

Community Service Referrals and Resources

The Parent Resource Center recognizes the expertise of partner agencies.  When families need additional support or resources, the PRC team will work to identify the appropriate partner agencies and assist families in accessing the needed services.

Service Application Assistance

Completing forms or applications for services and benefits can be confusing.  The PRC team can help with applications for Medi-Cal and other social service programs.  Enrollment assistance and support is also available for the CalFresh program, which provides financial benefits for the purchase of healthy food items.  Plus, there’s lots of information on nutrition for babies, children, and adults.

Emergency Supplies

Life has many unexpected situations.  If parents experience an emergency need for diapers, food, clothes, parents can contact the PRC offices for support.  Occasionally, the agency can help with small household items.

Who Can Benefit From These Programs?

All parents, grandparents, guardians, friends, family members and others who care for children can benefit from services. For example:

  • People seeking a stronger foundation and understanding of parenting skills such as ages and stages of children, stress management, communication, and positive child discipline and development;
  • People who want to make positive life changes and need a listening ear; and
  • Pregnant women who desire healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery support.



Community Resources and Partners

Partnerships play an important role at the Parent Resource Center.  By combining the expertise of the PRC and that of its partners, families receive a full complement of services.  Each community organization has a specialized role to best serve the families in our community. Some of the PRC’s partners and community resources are:

  • First 5 Stanislaus Children and Families Commission
  • Stanislaus County Community Services Agency
  • Stanislaus County Health Services Agency
  • Sierra Vista Child & Family Services
  • United Way of Stanislaus County
  • City of Modesto Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
  • Stanislaus County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
  • El Concilio – Modesto Site
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Modesto Junior College Welcome Center
  • Airport Neighborhood Collaborative
  • Stanislaus County Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
  • And many more organizations